Sometime before the American Revolution William Brannen emigrated from Ireland.   He married Elizabeth Gross of North Carolina, and they had twelve children.  We have very good information for them thanks to a hand-written record that was probably begun in 1803 and continued to 1808 when the last child was born.  The family settled in Screven County around 1790.  In 1811 they moved across the Ogeechee River into Bulloch where they have continued to contribute to the county’s growth to this day.

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  1. Ruth Laackmann | August 9, 2016 at 3:56 pm | Reply

    Hi Looking for Information on Hugh b.1800 d.1850 and Jessifia Brannen. They are my 3rd Great grandparents, By way of their son John Adams William Brannen and wife Ann Foster McGee

    • Hi – I’ve been away for some years and have just moved back to Savannah. We are preparing for this year’s reunion in Bulloch County. I’ll start updating this page again. I see this note from you is dated 2016. Did you ever get further in your searching?

      If I remember correctly, Hugh and three of his sisters and their parents moved to Monticello, Ga in the 1820’s. They were awarded some of the land confiscated from the Cherokees in the Columbus area in the 1827 lottery. THey moved over there and lived near each other. The descendants of daughters are active genealogists and have made up family trees of their descendants. I can’t remember if Hugh was also in that group that I talked to or not. I’ll be updating my records before the reunion and will find out.

      Thanks – Randy Brannen, Savannah

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